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Tim and Stephen and I met at Makers Faire in the SF bay area and then went for 2 nights camping in Big Basin state park among the mighty Redwoods. It was a wonderful re-union. And an extended brainstorm.

We’re all feeling transition in our lives. An emerging priority for us is searching to understand how we can improve the planet and the lives of those on it. Hey, its not selfless, we live here too.

We’re still interested in art and creativity and technology, they all have an important contribution to a healthy world.

But if you ask yourself, “How is the current state of the Earth?” Well, its just not good. Some people are doing fine, for so many its just terrible. Its just not acceptable. We wondered: Is there a set of principles that if followed by everyone would result in a just world where everyone has enough? I suppose that sounds similar to a religion or the laws of a country. But pare it down, what is this core? Is it something we can agree on, regardless of faith or nationality. And if so – how do we implement it?


What could dandelion collective be if it was a large group? We explored the idea of a network of people that shared a core set of common principles and passions. How could this group help its participants? What could this group accomplish in the world?

We felt this was worth exploring further and that a blog would be a good way to do that. And here you are.

We’ll investigate this, and invite you to subscribe to follow the discussion, and join it via comments. If we come up with something that makes sense, then we’ll create this network – but not ‘dandelion collective’, something new.

What would it be called?

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