Finally some snazzy looking VR/AR goggles

I recently bought a pair of video glasses to help with setting up time-lapse cameras and unfortunately it seems like the existing selection of consumer VR video goggles sucks just as bad as they did the last time I looked 10 years ago. I used to dream of the day when you could actually directly mix reality for people wearing VR glasses by running a live feed from people’s field of view through a computer and back into augmented reality (AR) goggles enabling you to selectively mix goggle transparency with computer altered reality. Stare at a single spot for a minute and the walls start to melt, objects smoothly twist and transform with computer assisted hallucinations. The potential for creating amazing trippy experiences for people seems unlimited. The appearance of smartphones provides a perfect platform to enable this kind of work but the lack of good goggles makes the development of really immersive experiences a challenge.

Fortunately the future may finally be arriving with the appearance of the Lumus glasses. Lets hope they are affordable and actually work.

via TechCrunch

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