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Fog dance

Since Topher and I do make timelapse for a living, people are always emailing me cool movies they find online. There are people doing some amazing work out there, but occasionally I come across something that really stands out from … Continue reading

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Make music with the bees sample kit

One of the dandelion collective’s modue operandi has always been to look to the natural world for inspiration. And as a sound producer recently I have been more interested in sampling the environment to make music over using synthesizers or … Continue reading

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The art cars of Burning Man

If anyone ever asks you to describe what is amazing about Burning Ban, a quick perusal of these photos of art cars might do the trick. The art cars at BM exhibit a range of wonder and whimsy is inspiring, … Continue reading

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Hacking a Washington D.C. internet voting site

Here’s the first thing that I was about to email to you guys and thought… Wait I can blog this! It’s techy. How a pilot project for online overseas voters got owned. The (white hat) hackers knew that the pdf … Continue reading

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Earth Charter: humanity must choose its future

Wow, Im excited to have stumbled upon this on Thursday at a talk in Vancouver by David Korten. I knew there must be many many initiatives like the one that we are embarking on, (and sort of dont want to … Continue reading

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