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Goodbye privacy, hello future!

Some of you may have seen recent reports of google building augmented reality glasses. In case you haven’t been tracking where all this tech is heading, we should all be amazed or terrified by what this means for privacy in … Continue reading

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Finally some snazzy looking VR/AR goggles

I recently bought a pair of video glasses to help with setting up time-lapse cameras and unfortunately it seems like the existing selection of consumer VR video goggles sucks just as bad as they did the last time I looked … Continue reading

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Make music with the bees sample kit

One of the dandelion collective’s modue operandi has always been to look to the natural world for inspiration. And as a sound producer recently I have been more interested in sampling the environment to make music over using synthesizers or … Continue reading

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Hacking a Washington D.C. internet voting site

Here’s the first thing that I was about to email to you guys and thought… Wait I can blog this! It’s techy. How a pilot project for online overseas voters got owned. The (white hat) hackers knew that the pdf … Continue reading

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